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5:00 pm // Check-in: South Corriher Lodge 

11:00 pm // Check-in ends

11:00 pm // Lights out

*WYR Committee will greet each group in the Lodge and review forms, room assignments,

and the Saturday schedule with leaders (please ask youth to stay in the lobby).

​Call (828) 295-7813 (the BRCC office phone) to let us know if you need to be checked in outside of these hours.

*Blowing Rock Conference Center is a retreat center and intentional things have been done to help the Conference Center remain a place of quiet rest, reflection, and reunion. Gathering in the lodge around the fireplace and in the rec center is encouraged. There are no phones or TVs in the rooms; however, there is wireless internet in communal areas.

All meals are served in the Dining Hall

Music, gathering sessions, talent show, etc: Gym 

7:45 am // Breakfast

9:00 am // Fireside Chat (optional)


9:15 // Gathering Session 1 - Alicia Crosby with Ocean Elizabeth


11:30 am // Free Time

12:00 pm // Lunch


1:45 pm // Gathering Session 2 - Alicia Crosby with Ocean Elizabeth

3:15 pm // Announcements

3:30 pm // Breakout for Small Group Activities

5:00 pm // Free Time


6:00 pm // Dinner


7:15 pm // Fireside Chat (optional)

7:45 pm // Talent Show


10:00 pm // Youth Group time


11:00 pm // R & R (lights out)

7:45 am // Breakfast

9:00 am // Fireside Chat (optional)

Depart for Snow or Service Activities

See Registration page for information

6:00 pm // Dinner


7:00 pm // Group Photo

7:20 - 10:00 pm // Communion and Closing Session- Alicia Crosby with Ocean Elizabeth

10:00 pm // Free Time

11:00 pm // R & R (lights out)


7:45 am // Breakfast

Checkout & Depart for Home